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The Kings of Strings: The Story

How They Got Here

The Kings of Strings were formed in the Summer of 2016 by high school classmates Giovanni Rugiero on Vocals, multi-instrumentalist Jacob St. Pierre on Guitar, Luke Porada on Bass and Ben Bustamante on Drums. Close friend and the bands second multi-instrumentalist Noah Wojcik would later replace Ben on the Drums and help to define the bands current sound. Giovanni would later leave the band to pursue other obligations and be replaced with another longtime friend and fellow classmate, Aaron Weisman on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar. The band played many covers from the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, and AC/DC just to name a few. In 2018, the band began to write their own original songs and perform them in bars and clubs in and around Metro Detroit, Lansing, Chicago and Toledo. They have been performing both originals and covers ever since. The Kings of Strings officially published their first original music featuring the current lineup in September 2022, releasing We Were Young

Band Members

Sum of Talented Parts

Aaron Weisman

Vocalist and Guitarist

Aaron has an uncanny sense for finding the right melody for any song. He is a primary songwriter for The Kings of Strings and plays guitar alongside Jake. He is incredibly entertaining both on and off the stage and is an exceptional leader for the band.


Jacob St. Pierre


Jake is the main musical composer of the group and for good reason, he knows how to simply churn out memorable riffs and solos that range from melodic to chaotic, perfectly encapsulating the sound of the band as a whole. His triad of favorite guitarists are Jimmy Page, Chuck Berry, and Angus Young.


Luke Porada


Luke Porada spearheaded the formation of the band by recruiting his friends to form The Kings of Strings. Luke is the main lyricist of the band's music who prides himself on penning interesting, and inspiring pieces on a whole array of topics. His bass playing is the glue that holds all of the grooves on stage together. His chill and welcoming nature allows him to see things others can't through his artist's eye.


Noah Wojcik


Noah Wojcik joined The Kings of Strings in 2019 and has an energetic, powerful yet light touch behind the kit. Dave Grohl is his main inspiration on drums.

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